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Victors’ Sanctum was an idea from the mind of Ryan Petrey. He had a vision to have a central hub (Website, Podcast & Video Tutorials) for any and all lovers of PvP (Player Versus Player) in the Blizzard Universe of games; World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft and Overwatch, also known as their IP’s (Intellectual Properties).

In the 10 years that Ryan has played World of Warcraft he was never able to find that ‘spot’ where he felt was exclusively about PvP and all things impacting PvP in the games he loved. Believe it or not, the Podcast idea for Victors’ Sanctum was simply to pertain to the World of Wacraft, Arena, Rated Battleground and Casual PvP. But with the release of the amazingly fun to play Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm in recent years, he then decided to branch out the coverage of PvP in these games, so players wouldn’t feel left out or secluded to one game title or another.

Thus the birth of the Victors’ Sanctum Podcast! Since the show’s inception, it has been split into 2 podcasts.

The Victors’ Sanctum podcast:
Is more for the free-form discussion with views, stories, and opinions about recent things happening around the Blizzard PvP Universe.

This week’s in the News:
Where you can tune in weekly for the 15-30 minute show to listen to all of the week’s news, patch notes and changes as well as other PvP Related information. So if you don’t have time to keep up with the news every week, let Victors’ Sanctum do it for you! It’s as easy as downloading the podcast and listening, while you go about your life; whether that be exercise, work, driving or even while playing some of your favorite games.
They record every Friday at 8 pm EST. You can join the live stream via Twitch or Discord.

We also publish a third Podcast, which is monthly. This is the round-table, free-form discussion podcast Flagged. On this podcast, multiple PvP content creators come together to share their experiences in this month’s PvP and content creation. It’s a different look into the lives of the hosts, Technically PVP’s; Gerissar, Andallyn & Windstead, Victors’ Sanctum’s; RyCP and Konfiscate, and FoxyHippo of the FoxyHippo RBG’s YouTube channel.


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So if you have a question, don’t be shy! You can reach us with your content for the show in many forms and ways.

Call in or e-Mail we’ll play on the show!
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You can find us at,

Our website: www.VictorsSanctum.com
Our e-mail: VictorsSanctum@gmail.com
Twitter: @VictorsSanctum
Facebook: Facebook.com/VictorsSanctum
Phone: (513) 258-2915

Twitch: www.Twitch.tv/VictorsSanctum
Discord: https://tinyurl.com/VSDiscord1



Ryan Petrey - Victors' Sanctum Founder & Creator
Ryan Petrey – VS Founder & Creator

Victors’ Sanctum Podcast:
Host: Ryan “RyCP” Petrey
Co-Host: Aaron “Konfiscate” Andrews
Co-Host: Jane “aPinkyBunnie”

Victors’ Sanctum  |  This week in the News
Host: Ryan “RyCP” Petrey
Co-Host: Jane “aPinkyBunnie”


Flagged | A Round Table PvP Discussion about the World of WarCraft (Monthly)
RyCP  (Victors’ Sanctum)
Konfiscate  (Victors’ Sanctum)
Gerissar  (Technically PVP)
Andallyn  (Technically PVP)
Windstead  (Technically PVP)
FoxyHippo  (FoxyHippoRBG’s YouTube)



Previous Co-Hosts:
Kari Simms (5/2105-8/2015)
Chris ‘Mudsliide’ Slaughter (10/2015-10/2016)






Victors’ Sanctum Blog:



Ryan Petrey  ‘RyCP’
(World of WarCraft, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm)


herecomedatboi-2Aaron Andrews ‘Konfiscate’
(World of WarCraft, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm)





Jane  ‘PinkyBunnie’


mattmyers2Matt Myers ‘Mattatarms’





Ren’ / Renaissance
(Heroes of the Storm, World of WarCraft)

  • @
  • Twitch:




Foxy ‘FoxyHippo’
(World of Warcraft)





^F5ECEEF6DFF6FEAE525D01F39C4F853921904629CC44DBB1F4^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distrChris Slaughter ‘Mudsliide’
(Heroes of the Storm)







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