PrimalRenaissance: Probius Warps into the Nexus

While he may not be your typical spell-slinging, brawling hero, Probius is making his debut in the Nexus today as Heroes of the Storm’s newest playable hero! As usual, he will not be playable on European servers until the following day (Wednesday, February 15th).

Probius is a Protoss probe from the Starcraft universe whose main focus is to “construct additional pylons.” He is a ranged specialist who excels at burst damage and controlling the battlefield.

Abilities Overview

[Warp In Pylon] – D

This ability warps a pylon to the target location which creates a field around it powering Probius’ other abilities and causing his mana to rapidly regenerate. Two pylons may be active at the same time, and that number may be increased through talents.

[Disruption Pulse] – Q

His main attack has a short cooldown of 3 seconds. It fires a bolt of energy forward in the targeted direction and deals damage to each enemy that it hits and passes through.

[Warp Rift] – W

This ability summons a rift to the target location which slows all enemies in its field. The real kicker here is that Probius can then fire [Disruption Pulse] towards the rift, causing a massive burst of AoE damage upon collision. The rifts do take a moment (1.25 seconds) to activate after casting, so make sure that you plan ahead when placing them down!


[Photon Cannon] – E

Probius can warp in a photon cannon which acts as a turret that will attack any enemy in range for 11 seconds. However, this cannon can only be placed within a pylon field. If the pylon is destroyed, the cannon will deactivate until another pylon is warped in nearby.


Heroic Abilities

His first heroic ability is called [Pylon Overcharge], and it passively grants a shield to all pylons for 50% of their health. It also temporarily turns all active pylons into powerful long-range weapons, attacking enemies within their power fields. For the duration, the radius of all pylon energy fields is also increased.




[Null Gate] is the other heroic ability that Probius players may choose. This ability gives up the offensive power offered by [Pylon Overcharge] in favor of more control over the battlefield. The ability summons a gate which damages and slows enemies who move through it. This gate can be used defensively to create an escape route for Probius and his teammates or offensively to corral enemy
units into an area where they can be controlled and wiped out.


Since Probius can’t use mounts, he will passively move 10% faster than other heroes. He also has an ability called [Worker Rush] which will grant him a 5-second speed boost on a 40-second cooldown.


Pros and Cons


  • Strong burst damage
  • Battlefield control


  • Requires time to set up
  • Lacks survivability

Probius can put out some serious damage by combining [Warp Rift] and [Disruption Pulse], but setting up the rift and firing into it takes time and requires you to predict your enemies’ movements. He brings even more, burst to the table with his [Pylon Overcharge] heroic ability.

Both [Warp Rift] and the [Null Gate] heroic ability allow Probius to effectively control the battlefield, which helps him keep his enemies right where he wants them.

Probius will certainly require players to think ahead in order to maximize his potential. Since Probius can only regenerate mana while in a pylon energy field, getting to an area early to strategically set up pylons will be very important for Probius players. Having teammates on the front lines to protect Probius and his pylons will allow him to sit back and wreak havoc upon the battlefield.


Author: Ren


Date: 14 March 2017


Note: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Blizzard, Activision, or any other person or group.


  1. RoguishManner | | Reply

    I previously had zero interest in checking out Probius what with the vast amount of heroes already in the Nexus. Now? Can’t wait to play him! Great article.

    • Ren | | Reply

      Glad you enjoyed the article! Thanks for reading!

  2. gold price per gram | | Reply

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    • Ryan Petrey | | Reply

      We will be featuring a Talent Choices segment this week, on the Victors’ Sanctum podcast; where we go over his strengths, weaknesses, and talent build options. Tune in to catch it!

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