The Competitive Condition | World of WarCraft: 2017 eSports

With the explosion of eSports in the last 2-3 years, you can view many games with intense rivalries and fantastic sets (matches) to create a ton of ‘Hype’ for that particular game and or eSport.

When you think of popular eSports, World of WarCraft doesn’t necessarily jump to the front of the line, much less the middle. This year, though if you happened to catch the epic 7 game series between Method NA & Splyce EU, you were gifted with what I can confidently say was “The best series, in WoW eSports history”. They were hands down the most exciting games ever played on a WarCraft championship stage.

Check out the recent video, recapping that amazing series between Method NA & Splyce EU.

I decided to write this blog today, to open the eyes of the swelling wave that is WarCraft eSports. Not only have Blizzard successfully shaken up the ‘meta’ in WarCraft PvP with the re-designs behind all of the classes in Legion; where we are able to bear witness to comps and classes that some may have never seen effectively in high ranked arena before. But off of it’s most recent and most successful Blizzcon (2016), this year (2017) the eSports team at Blizzard has announced that the stakes have been raised, and the door opens a bit wider for competition heading into the BlizzCon series.

This past Thursday, March 9th, 2017, the Legion PvP Q&A was held. Complete with a surprise visit from Jeramy McIntyre head of the WarCraft eSports team. He came with a lot of news and information for what’s to come this year for the WoW eSports scene.


WoW Arena 2017 Championship

  • Last year was great for WoW eSports.
  • The European cups were broadcast for the first time, leading up to a magical moment at BlizzCon.
  • WoW eSports is going to be bigger than it has ever been before.
  • Last year the cups had the rating requirement removed, resulting in a huge surge in participation. This year the cups will be completely open again.
  • If you want to grab your friends and play against the best players, you can do that.
  • The number of cups will also be increased, with NA and EU getting 5 cups for each region, up from 3.
  • The prize pool for the cups will be increased as well, allowing pro players to earn money and dedicate more time to playing.
  • Making all of the cups open to everyone didn’t work out well. Moving forward a points system will be used, with teams earning points by winning cups.
  • The points system will also extend to some community tournaments, allowing wins there to reward some points.
  • Things will kick off in April, with tournaments going on almost every other weekend for WoW eSports.
  • NA and EU will now have 12 teams that qualify for regionals, up from 8 teams.
  • The global finals will have 12 teams this year.
  • Global finals will also have better representation this year: NA, EU, China, Latam, and Asia Pacific.


It poses to be quite the ride for Pro WoW eSports in 2017, more cups, more teams, more WarCraft PvP.

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