The State of WarCraft | Arms Warriors: Interview with Stastro

I was offered the opportunity to sit down with Stastro for an interview about Warriors, Arms in particular. We got a chance to discuss the role of Arms Warriors since patch 7.0 hit the live servers, including until recently how much they were shunned from organized PvP. ¬†We got to talk a great deal about warriors and the trials and tribulations they have had to succumb¬†this expansion thus far. As well as the overall PvP changes that were brought about in the wake of Legion’s release from class re-works to buffs and nerfs.

Tthe more recent buffs in 7.1.5, Arms Warriors are now the Warrior class of choice in PvP once again.
Notable changes this expansion

  • Added Hamstring to the GCD
    • But elongated the effect of Hamstring on the target.


Stastro runs TSChi (Warrior, DK, MW Monk), but now you will see a lot of folks running TSG as well.

Stastro – Sargeras US – Currently Insane Guild (Sub guild of Currently Online)


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