The State of WarCraft | Arms Warriors: Interview with Stastro

I was offered the opportunity to sit down with Stastro for an interview about Warriors, Arms in particular. We got a chance to discuss the role of Arms Warriors since patch 7.0 hit the live servers, including until recently how much they were shunned from organized PvP.  We got to talk a great deal about warriors and the trials and tribulations they have had to succumb this expansion thus far. As well as the overall PvP changes that were brought about in the wake of Legion’s release from class re-works to buffs and nerfs.

Tthe more recent buffs in 7.1.5, Arms Warriors are now the Warrior class of choice in PvP once again.
Notable changes this expansion

  • Added Hamstring to the GCD
    • But elongated the effect of Hamstring on the target.


Stastro runs TSChi (Warrior, DK, MW Monk), but now you will see a lot of folks running TSG as well.

Stastro – Sargeras US – Currently Insane Guild (Sub guild of Currently Online)


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