The State of WoW | Ashran 7.1.5 interview with Ashran leader ‘Cele’

With the introduction of the new expansion (Legion), I’m sure that many people have forgotten all about Ashran. Well, Ashran still exists and it only exists to Level 110 characters. I took some time to interview Cele, who is a well-known regular leader of Ashran battles. He has a few characters he plays, he joined me on his Marksman Hunter, CM on Sargeras-US.

I apologize about some of the lag I was experiencing, I don’t usually live-stream in 40 mans or in Ashran b/c my ISP can be flaky at times. So apologies ahead of time for all the viewers. But here is the video if you’d like to check it out, as we both participate in Ashran as he leads the Alliance-side group to convincing wins.

*I will warn, some of the discussion contains Explicit Language*

While we play we discussed all things Ashran, and here are some key points that I felt needed to be pointed out.

  • It’s a great source of Honor!
  • The buff for killing the opposing general has been removed from the game.
  • You do still however, get buffs for capping flags on your side of the road. The buff you receive is to Damage, Healing, and Health.
    • 10% F2 (2nd Flag; Tremblade’s Vanguard, etc)
    • 20% F1 (1st Flag; Near your tower)
    • 30% Keep (Defending your keep)
  • The rewards are still WoD items for quest and event completions.
  • They have since WoD, nerfed Panther Boss. (Thank you, Blizzard)
  • Scouts are still important.
    • Druids (with flight in Ashran)
    • Shaman (Invisible ghost wolf form in Ashran)
  • There is quite a symbiotic balance that needs to be kept, to prevent from mass exits from opponents closing the instance all-together.
    • It’s a lot of give-and-take. If you just destroy the other team, people will just leave.
  • The Ogre Boss (Korlok) and the 2 summonable road bosses aren’t as powerful as they were in WoD.
  • All of the ‘toys’ you can buy, in Ashran no longer work. Due to the lvl 100 requirement. (this stinks)
    • Potions still work, though.
    • You can still purchase the Mount and Tabbard.
  • There is a bug, where if the instance ends and ejects people and you happen to be jumping.. you get stuck in the instance. Found this out the hard way.


Here are some helpful facts about Ashran; source


Faction leaders – Grand Marshal Tremblade for the Alliance, High Warlord Volrath for the Horde – await enemy players at the heart of their stronghold.
Zones inside of Ashran:

  • Brute’s Rise (northeast) – Event: Ogre Fires!
    • Inhabited by the flame-speaking Ashmaul ogres, this area features fire elementals and elite gronnlings, as well as throwable boulders and grappling hooks to scale down to the beach below, where Ashmaul Pearls can be looted.
  • The Dark Woods (east-northeast)
    • A shady area populated by a tribe of outcast arakkoa and some voracious ravagers, the Woods are the only part of Ashran where the coveted  [Song Flower] grows.
  • Gorian Falls (east-southeast)
    • A damp, winding zone featuring marauding saberon, swarms of podlings, and some very large flying insects, as well as a series of caves. The  [Star Root Tuber] can be looted here.
  • Molten Quarry (southeast) – Event: Collect Empowered Ore
    • A lava-filled area populated by iron-eating goren and gronnlings, featuring an extensive Ogre Mine. The Leaping Gorger Residue and Power Geode buffs can be obtained here. The inhabitants of this area are known as “the Destructors”.[33]
  • Ashmaul Burial Grounds (southwest) – Event: Risen Spirits
    • Home to the Gor’vosh ogres and the spirits and risen dead produced by their dark magics. Web-wrapped Soldiers can be found here, and freed to aid the player in battle.
  • Ring of Conquest (west) – Event: Orb of Power!
    • A heavily controlled high-difficulty area filled with toughened elite ogres, some of whom wield stone-based elemental powers. Not for the faint hearted, this area has been signposted by Harrison Jones as “too dangerous for casual explorers. Proceed with extreme caution.”
  • Kings’ Rest (west)
    • Just west of the center of the zone lies Kings’ Rest, a small area with links to nearby secondary areas. The area is notable for holding the Marketplace Graveyard, a capturable graveyard and the only resurrection point outside of the faction bases. The Graveyard can be captured similarly to bases in Eye of the Storm, allowing a faction to seize control of it for 15 minutes, after which it will revert to a neutral state. While captured, players of the controlling faction will be able to respawn there. To capture the Graveyard, the capture bar must be moved all the way to the far end.
  • Amphitheater of Annihilation (northwest) – Event: The Race!
  • Ashran Excavation (underground, access north and south) – Event: Apexis Marks
    • Opened with Patch 6.2, these ancient ogre mines are home to the spirits of fallen arakkoa.

Events in Ashran:

  • Ogre Fires! (Brute’s Rise)
    • Players must rush to claim Ogre Fires in the north-east of the zone. During the event, one of the numerous ogres in the area will become marked as the Ogre Fire, becoming claimable by a tug-of-war bar similar to bases in Eye of the Storm. Once a faction has fully claimed the fire, their score is increased by 1, and a new Ogre Fire is nominated. The first faction to claim 3 fires wins the event.
  • Collect Empowered Ore (Molten Quarry)
    • Scattered around the Molten Quarry are chunks of ore. Players can click on a chunk to pick it up, and can then travel to their faction’s mine card to deposit it. The first faction to collect 10 pieces of ore wins the event. Players can only carry one chunk of ore at a time, and their movement speed is reduced while doing so.
  • Risen Spirits (Ashmaul Burial Grounds)
    • Capture 10 spectral Risen Spirits haunting the Ashmaul Burial Grounds. The first faction to capture 10 wins.
  • Orb of Power! (Ring of Conquest)
  • The Race (Amphitheater of Annihilation)
    • Around the center of the area trawl two mighty riders – the Horde rider atop a giant clefthoof, the Alliance rider atop a mighty elekk – slowly doing laps of the Amphitheater. The riders move very slowly, but for each player of their faction within their vicinity their speed is increased by 30%, allowing them to outstrip their competitor. The first faction to complete 3 laps wins the event. The escorting of the riders is complexified by the presence of the mobs in the area, causing racing players to frequently incur the wrath of the local inhabitants. The riders cannot be attacked.
  • Apexis Marks (Ashran Excavation)
    • “At certain times, spirits of fallen arakkoa haunt the Ashran Excavation. Defeat them and bring proof of their demise to Rukmaz, the ghostly caretaker of the Apexis vault. First team to show Rukmaz 50 marks wins.”

Secondary area buffs and items

Each of these buffs and items can be obtained through objects or mobs found in a specific secondary area.

  • Power Geode buff (Molten Quarry) – Increases damage and healing output by 100% for 20 sec
  • Leaping Gorger Residue buff (Molten Quarry) – Regular procs grant the ability to triple-jump high into the air, 20 min duration
  • Slippery Slime buff – Regular procs grant a temporary 150% speed increase, 20 min duration
  •  [Song Flower] (The Dark Woods) – 15% buff to all stats, persists through death, 1-hour duration
  •  [Star Root Tuber] (Gorian Falls) – Restores health and reduces damage taken by 40% for 10 sec


Ancient Artifact

A player possessing the Ancient Artifact

Main article: Ancient Artifact

Ancient Artifact is a 30-minute buff obtained in Ashran through interacting with the Ancient Artifact object, which appears sporadically at a variety of locations throughout the zone. It is easily the most powerful buff in the zone, granting the player a remarkable 200% increased damage or healing, and an extra 100% maximum health. The possessing player is indicated with a striking visual effect, highlighting them to other players, often from across the zone.

Interacting with the object takes several seconds, and despawns the object, granting the player the buff. Dying loses the buff and after a set period respawns the object, allowing another player to claim the buff for the remaining duration.

Following hotfixes on July 20, the Ancient Artifact only appears when each team has more than 20 players, and now has a respawn timer.

Frost Wyrm Egg

 [Frost Wyrm Egg] is a usable item obtained as a random zone drop in Ashran. It summons a large Frostwyrm, who will fly down the Road of Glory toward the enemy base, using its Deep Breath ability to freeze all enemies as it passes, stunning targets for 8 seconds.

Nesingwary’s Lost Horn

 [Nesingwary’s Lost Horn] is a usable item obtained through defeating rares in the zone’s secondary areas. Using it summons a herd of Hemet Nesingwary‘s ‘pets’, which will stampede from the friendly faction base across the zone before running directly into the enemy faction base. These stampeding creatures will deal a small amount of damage to nearby hostile players and punt them high up into the air. Their punting range is quite large and will affect any hostile player in the nearby area. Abilities like [Levitate] and [Slow Fall] can be used to prevent damage from the fall back to earth, although this is less than would normally be experienced.



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