Beats by Dre

This week, I will be doing a post-ownership review of a product I’ve frequented for the last 3 years: Beats products, specifically the headphones that they offer to the public. Cost = Quality is something that over the years the public has been lead to believe and it’s incorrect. I

Comfort Zone

Lately, I have been getting quests for classes I hate.  Of the 9 classes I play in Heathstone, the 3 that I tend to play the least are Rogue, Warrior, and Priest.   I just can’t wrap my mind around those classes, expecially Rogue.  This season, which starts on July 1st, I’m


The Meta: in World of Warcraft With all of the buzz around the release of 6.2, it also means the season’s end for PvP. As with every season, each play style is put to the test, during which the Meta is developed.  It takes months of failing, pushing through each