Flagged | March, 15th, 2017

The creators of Technically PvP Podcast, FoxyHippo RBG’s YouTube channel and the Victors’ Sanctum Podcast have decided to collaborate to bring you a Monthly Podcast that sprinkles in a little bit of the World of WarCraft PvP from a content creator’s point of view; In this round-table, free-form discussion.

This gives you a look into the collaborators personal & gaming lives, content creation and how these things affect them day to day.

Come join Gerissar, Windstead, FoxyHippo, Konfiscate, Jane and RyCP for the podcasts 2nd episode they call ‘Flagged’.

Join us Live! 15th of every Month @ 8 pm EST
Discord Live Stream: https://tinyurl.com/VSDiscord1
Twitch Live Stream: Twitch.TV/VictorsSanctum



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Jane  a.k.a.  PinkyBunnie

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