Moist Harambe, Bunthers, and Awkward Cam sitting

On this week’s episode of the Victors’ Sanctum Podcast

Join us this week as Jane, Konfiscate and RyCP as they discuss this week in Blizzard PvP Gaming.

This week we start off talking about the recent WoW PvP Q&A, discussing specifically the possible addition of 1v1 wargames and having a “PvP Hangout”, like when we use to have vendors. Where we came up with the best idea EVER!

Next, we talk about the possibility that we may see Probius live on Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 in Heroes of the Storm.

Then we move onto Overwatch and walk a little about the released confirmation that Symmetra is on the autistic spectrum. What this might mean in our opinion for players and the community.

We wrap up the show with a question from a listener about PvP events in WoW.

After show:

-Lagging Balls Podcast Promo
-FoxyHippo RBG Promo
-Nhym – Warlock

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